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International Innovation Services (IIS), or Internacia Novigo Servoj (Esperanto), is a specialist company focused on delivering innovative products and services to global markets, which are designed to mitigate the effects of environmental depredation, global warming and e-commerce.


Global Warming Initiative

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The world faces many global challenges arising from climate change and the decline of biodiversity.  Flooding, landslides, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, declining fish stocks and population migration are all posing threats to economic, political and social stability across the world.

Climate change and the associated environmental depredation constitute major threats to countries and communities around the world. 


Our aim is the creation and exploitation of intellectual property, with a view to delivering products and processes that mitigate the worst effects of extreme weather and other consequences of climate change for communities in different parts of the world. 

We see invention and innovation as the only weapon available to combat the challenges the world now faces.


Success is dependent upon vision,creativity, motivation and commitment. These values define our essential nature.

Over the last decade, northern Europe has experienced unprecedented  flooding. The United States and Northern Australia have suffered major fires arising from drought conditions. In California, one of the most populous regions of the US, the water supply from the ground table is now so depleted that it is unlikely ever to recover. The same problem afflicts northern Australia. 

Project Phoenix

Phoenix is a project dedicated to tackling fuel poverty and global warming, by reducing the amount of Co2 emissions into the atmosphere produced by the heating system, and cutting costs on utility bills, bringing some relief to those who deserve a better quality of life. It has resulted on the development of three products: The Lava, The Chill-beater and The ClingOn. The Lava & Chill-beater to improve the domestic heating system & the ClingOn, an indoor clothes drier to be attached to the radiator.

               Part of Project Phoenix, the ClingOn aims to improve quality of life and reduce laundry costs for families and single person households living in accommodation that offers limited space and no access to dry clothes outside.
                The Clingon is an aesthetically pleasing drying system. A conventional central heating radiator is the heat source. A pull up frame is attached to the radiator upon which clothes are placed for drying.  When not in use the frame is pushed down into a discrete carcass that envelopes the radiator minimising the foot print.
                     Benefits include:
  • The efficiency of a tumble dryer but with no additional cost if the central heating is in use;
  • Eliminates the need to run a tumble dryer and the associated energy costs;                     
  • Removes the need to find storage space for a conventional drying rack;
  • The simple design ensures minimal repair and maintenance costs. 
                 The product offers a very rapid return on the investment. And in summer time, the dryer can be used without central heating by utilising the draft created by an open window typically located above the radiator. 

            In this day and age, every enterprise, needs to protect their intellectual property the best possible way. As market become more and more competitive, and black hat techniques are more and more common, it's not the protection for “Now” that you need but also to be “Prepared” for what is to come and what is waiting around the corner so you can remain competitive and prevent any misuse of your hard work or ideas.

                      Our job is to help you foresee upcoming issues and support you in creating the best possible protection for you and your business.

                 We have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop your portfolio of patents, trademarks, licenses, copyright and support any form of intellectual property (IP) rights suitable and tailored to your needs. 

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