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          In 2012, the idea was refined further, in order to create a fully automated and patentable device.


         Meanwhile, a second machine was invented with the aim of combating extreme cold in the coldest regions of the world.


          In 2015, two more products were introduced relating to the solution of problems caused by extreme weather, such as flooding and sand storms. At that time, several other ideas were at the proof of concept and viability stage, awaiting more funding.

          In January 2016, the group decided to register International Innovation Services as a company in order to attract funds and set the ideas on a commercial footing through manufacturing and collaboration.

      In 2009, under the name of "Novigo Servoj" (in Esperanto) and in response to extreme hot and cold weather conditions in deserts across the world, the idea of an artificial tree fully manufactured out of recycled plastic emerged. This would allow trees to grow in the most arid desert environments.

      Despite winning multiple prizes, the innovation was placed on hold due to a lack of funding and patenting knowledge.

How did everything start?
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The problem

         The world faces many global challenges arising from climate change and the decline of biodiversity.  Flooding, landslides, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, declining fish stocks and population migration are all posing threats to economic, political and social stability across the world.

      IIS's purpose is to address these challenges by developing innovative solutions to both long established and newly emergent problems arising from climate change. Our primary goal is the creation of intellectual property that will enable the company to collaborate with governments, and local authorities on the one hand and corporations on the other, with the explicit objective of designing, developing and delivering a pipeline of patented solutions to environmental problems confronting communities across the world.

Where have the ideas emerged from?
Who are we and what do we do?

Formed by an international team from all over the world, International Innovation Services (IIS) is a specialist company that is focused on delivering innovative products and services to global markets, which are designed to mitigate environmental depredation.

The company
Our Vision

The creation and exploitation of intellectual property, with a view to delivering products and processes that mitigate the worst effects of extreme weather and other consequences of climate change for communities in different parts of the world. 

We see invention and innovation as the only weapon available to combat the challenges the world now faces.  Success is dependent upon vision, creativity, motivation and commitment. These values define our essential nature.

Our Mission

To seek out partners with the resources and local knowledge necessary to operate in the diverse local contexts in which the environmental problems arise. Our aim is to deliver solutions and our approach is collaboration and partnership.


Our Goal

We are working on several inventions and initiatives which have resulted in winning the gold medal of UN's International Innovation award in 2009 and several other endorsements. However, our greatest achievement is to formulate two new products which would combat the source of global warming as the biggest threat to the planet.


We have a commitment to sustainability and acting in a environment way; all our projects aim some how to protect the environment.


We have a commitment to innovation and excellence; our projects are all innovative, aiming to bring solution to environmental problems around the world.


We have a commitment to helping those less fortunate and to building strong communities.

Our Values
Meet the Team
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