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The ClingOn

           ClingOn is an extendable drying system suitable for any standard radiator. It is designed to meet the needs of any householder wishing to dry clothes indoors without  the need for energy consumption unlike a tumble dryer.

           The dryer is permanently mounted on the front of a radiator giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Picture 1.jpg

           It can be opened by the touch of a button. This makes usage easy. Because there is little extrusion into the room, little additional space is required and there is no need for additional storage space when the dryer is not in use.


          Moreover, energy costs are minimized along with Co2 emissions. After use, the rack is simply pushed back down into the radiator cover.

Picture 2.jpg

            The frame as well as the bars, are made of metal. The colour is white. The drying rack consists of 8 bars that extend to two levels, each 1.20 metres long in average, providing 9.60 metres of drying space that can support 15 kilos of laundry.

The ClingOn Benefits

  • Space saving both in use and when stored, unlike detachable towel driers or normal drying racks;

  • Energy efficient when compared with a tumble dryer;

  • Environmentally friendly and stylish;

  • No energy costs required if the central heating is in use, because the convected heat from the radiator warms the bars and dries the clothes;

  • Delivers a quick payback on the investment;

  • When the central heating is not in use, ClingOn still allows a fast drying by taking advantage of the draught created by an open window typically located above the radiator;

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance for the radiator and your living space.

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