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IP Management

            In this day and age, every enterprise, needs to protect their intellectual property the best possible way. As market become more and more competitive, and black hat techniques are more and more common, it's not the protection for “Now” that you need but also to be “Prepared” for what is to come and what is waiting around the corner so you can remain competitive and prevent any misuse of your hard work or ideas.

                      Our job is to help you foresee upcoming issues and support you in creating the best possible protection for you and your business.

                 We have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop your portfolio of patents, trademarks, licenses, copyright and support any form of intellectual property (IP) rights suitable and tailored to your needs. 


Chill Beater: A new concept in domestic heating systems

Chill Beater

Tackling Fuel Poverty and Combating Co2 emissions


                   We have an exciting concept under development that seeks to harness heat loss by turning it to advantage. This is achieved by redistributing extant heat, thereby reducing the time it takes to heat a room so as to maximise the comfort for occupants. The result is an affordable product that reduces

energy costs  by up to 30% with an associated reduction in the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

               CO2 emissions arise from various sources, mainly power stations, aircraft and automobiles. Likewise, much of the power used by  households is wasted owing to the ageing nature of the housing stock. The heat in a domestic dwelling is dissipated through walls, floors and ceilings. Both aspirant and elderly householders desperately need improved energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.



  • Up to 25% reduction on utility bills

  •  20% of CO2 emission to the atmosphere

  •  Extend the life of the boiler

  •  One winter return on investment

  •  No external power source

  •  No structural adjustment

  •  Modular design

  •  Stylish outlook

  •  Reduces the time it takes to warm the room

  •  Reduces the accumulation of heat  by the ceiling

  •  Integrated (for new built houses)

  •  Retrofit (for current housing stock)


Cling On: An extendable drying system

Tackling Fuel Poverty and Combating Co2 emissions

           Suitable for any standard radiator, Cling On is designed to meet the needs of any householder wishing to dry clothes indoors without  the need for energy consumption unlike a tumble dryer.

           The dryer is permanently mounted on the front of a radiator giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

           It can be opened by the touch of a button. This makes usage easy. Because there is little extrusion into the room, little additional space is required and there is no need for additional storage space when the dryer is not in use.


          Moreover, energy costs are minimized along with Co2 emissions. After use, the rack is simply pushed back down into the radiator cover.

            The drying rack consists of 8 bars that extend to two levels, each 1.20 metres long in average, providing 9.60 metres of drying space that can support 15 kilos of laundry.


  • Space saving both in use and when stored, unlike detachable towel driers or normal drying racks;

  • Energy efficient when compared with a tumble dryer;

  • Environmentally friendly;

  • Stylish Outlook;

  • No energy costs required if the central heating is in use, because the convected heat from the radiator warms the bars and dries the clothes;

  • Delivers a quick payback on the investment;

  • When the central heating is not in use, ClingOn still allows a fast drying by taking advantage of the draught created by an open window typically located above the radiator;

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance for the radiator and your living space.

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Round Chart & Table

Making visualization easier on product size charts

           Suitable for companies that need to provide an easier way for customers to find the best size of their products suitable for their needs. A stylish round chart and table design providing better visualization.


Food Grade Stainless-Steel logo

Tested and Approved Stainless Steel

                 A logo of your choice, designed and protected so you can stand out and be seen by your customers.

Food Grade Stainless Steel_Fiverr_V1.jpg

Eco-Friendly Badge

Anchor 1

Tested and Approved Eco-Friend Products

                 A badge designed for products that are tested and proved to be environmentally friendly. The badge can be designed according to your product category and functionality.

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