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Green World Ambassador

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

IIS has been honoured as an International Green World Ambassador, in recognition of its environment best practice.

August,18th 2018

By Telma Feliciano

Helping others to help the environment
Green World Ambassador 2018

The main purpose of The Green Organisation is to promote environmental best practice around the world, and the people who help the organisation to do this are their Green World Ambassadors.

IIS has been recognised by The Green Organisation for its environmental best practice, and therefore received this week its award as the Green World Ambassador 2018 (picture above).

This recognition comes as a result of the environmental success of the Project Phoenix which won a Green Apple Environment Award, presented at Westminster Palace in November last year.

Managing Director Daniel Mirfani and Chairman Nigel Bassett-Jones receiving The International Green Apple Award at The Palace of Westminster

The company has been working on Project Phoenix since 2016, and efforts have been inputted towards a more economic and environmentally friendly radiator. Which has resulted on the development of three major products: the Lava, the Chill-beater and the ClingOn.

Subsequently to the International Green Apple Award, IIS is having its project published on The Green Book, the world's only annual work of reference on environmental best practice.

By publishing IIS's example of environmental best practice, The Green Organisation hopes that others will learn from IIS's experience and follow their lead to benefit themselves and the environment for generations to come.

Project Phoenix has the potential to reduce Co2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 25%. The system is another of those simple genius concepts that seem obvious once invented - a plate with embedded thermo-electric generators are positioned between the radiator and an external wall, in order to block the heat from the radiator heating the wall and to generate electricity using the temperature difference between the wall and the radiator.

Now, IIS will go forward to represent England in the Green World Awards. The event this year will be held in Turkey, in September.

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